The Depot - History Con't

the depot was close to 100 feet long. By the ‘20’s, up to 30 carloads of logs were being shipped into Silverton for processing. Cereal, feed and flour were also shipped from Fischer’s Mill. Harry Vetter was the last railroad agent, serving from 1946 to 1970. Passenger service was discontinued around 1930, but prior to that trains left Silverton five times a day. Western Union was there until 1946 when it moved to downtown.

Southern Pacific wanted to close the station in 1959, but the City required them to keep it open. Shipments ranged from 120 a day in 1957, to 81 in 1959 and steadily declined through the ‘60’s. In the late 1970’s the depot was offered for sale for $1.00 with the stipulation that it be moved. The telegraph and ticket office were dismantled and the depot was moved about a block across N. Water Street, where Goodwill is located today. For a time it was used as storage for a pinball manufacturing company. Shortly after that the Historical Society began to raise a target goal $4,000 to have it moved to the Museum property and restored. The Depot was finally moved to this site in July of 1982.

Source: Jeff Brekas

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