The Farmers Room

farmers room

Room Amenities

  • One Queen Bed
  • Kitchenette
  • Bathroom With Shower / Tub
  • Cable TV
  • WiFi Internet
  • Heat / Air Conditioner
  • Alarm Clock / Radio
  • Coffee Maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron & Ironing Board

The Farmers - History

The primary industry that has, from the beginning, sustained the community of Silverton has been agriculture. Enough cannot be said about the importance of farming and its direct relation to the growth of Silverton.

For the first settlers in this area it was a matter of survival, being able to grow their own food and having some left over to trade. Later, farming was the means to earn money that enabled them to buy the things they couldn’t make or grow. Wheat and grain have been two of the main crops to be grown in the hills and flatlands around Silverton; wheat and grain to make flour for life-sustaining bread and grasses to make hay for their livestock. Without cattle, oxen and horses, life for the pioneers would have been very, very difficult, if not impossible.

There are several areas around Silverton where the bulk of agriculture has taken place: the Waldo Hills, the Silverton Hills, the Abiqua area and Howell Prairie.


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