Distinct Charm In Each Room

room 212 the depot roomThe charm and elegance of the Silverton Inn & Suites is manifested in the distinct design of each room. Every room is created with individuality and each space is defined with its own rich tones and warm ambiance. Every room features a special aspect of Silverton's history, giving guests a peek into the town's incredible past. You may choose from a room with a full kitchen, or one with a stylish kitchenette. Your lodging experience will include a private bathroom and luxurious bed. All rooms are equipped with satellite television and wireless Internet access. To book a room select the booking link at the top of the page for details.

We invite you to select a room below to learn of its individual appeal and charm.

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the merchants room the june drake room the abby room the abiqua room the silver falls room the homer davenport room the depot room

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hall way the polly crandal room the bobby room the grist mill room the farmers room

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geercrest room coolidge mcclaine room covered bridges room centennial room big timber room pioneering doctors room clark gable room

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