The Merchants Room

merchants room

Room Amenities

  • One Queen Bed
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bathroom with Jetted/Tub Shower
  • Cable Tv
  • WiFi Internet
  • Heat / Air Conditioner
  • Alarm Clock / Radio
  • Coffee Maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron & Ironing Boards Available

The Merchants - History

Parts of the backbone of every community are the merchants. The men, and sometimes women, bring the goods and services that are needed and desired whether it be tools, food staples, cloth for clothing or a bit of feather for enhancing one’s bonnet. They help a village grow into a town. Here are some of those who played a part in that growth.

The Brown Family: Born in Kentucky, James Brown (1814-1887) was one of the first pioneers to settle in the area of the present day town of Silverton in 1846. His obituary in 1887 would remember him as a “very generous and hospitable man, ever ready to lend a helping hand”.

The Browns brought with them “eighteen head of oxen, four work horses and some loose stock”. The oxen hauled the wagons


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